Friday, January 28, 2011


i feel weird about not blogging in awhile.
i was really enjoying putting up posts and all that, and i was consistent for awhile.

aside from blogging though, i have a lot of projects going on.

i recently put some work up in a coffee shop near my place.
i'll post pictures later, i'm taking them today!

collage series.
i'm making a bunch of collages for an art show at chatterbox coffee.

this painting is actually from my BFA graduation show.

holy moses.
these little buggers are taking me forever.
we finally got the pictures done last weekend.

print experiments.
after i get some smaller art work done, i'd like to start playing with my printer.
once i have a method/materials that i like, i would like to start my etsy shop.

then there are all the other everyday things.

adam recently downloaded boggle on the xbox.
i love it.

i am trying to finish up invisible monsters.

i'm working out a lot lately.

and i'm trying to put together some AWESOME projects for the BLAST kiddies.
there are only a couple months left, and i want them to be a BLAST. haha.
pun obviously intended.

hopefully i'll be inspired to post more!


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  1. Hey, I thought of you when I read about this call to artists! I was thinking about submitting some work. And since you are already working on some collages... I thought it was fitting!