Friday, December 31, 2010

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this year i will:
finish out a wonderful school year of the most fabulous job.
watch my little brother graduate from high school.
celebrate with him in MEXICO.
get married to my best friend.
honeymoon in an unknown location.
apply for graduate school.
turn 24. (ancient). (just kidding).

those are the certain experiences i will have.
i hope the rest to be as fulfilling and wonderful as they can possibly be.
i have high expectations for myself this year.

..i hope you all have a wonderful year as well..

bring on 2011.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

on my sick day.

i haven't posted in awhile.
it makes me a little sad.

i am not feeling well today, and therefore have ample time to post something.

recently, i have watched my dog open a present, legitimately.
it was hilarious.

i have been etching like crazy.
these were mom and dad's gift.
each cup has one of their favorite teams etched into the glass.
cougs, 49ers, saints (that's mom's.), and the seahawks.
then adam bought beer to place inside the glasses.

brody got moonshoes.
they were bouncy.

we had a ugly xmas sweater party.
...everyone donned their gay apparel.
i was pleased.

there is a little taste of where my time has gone.

..i hope i won't have such a long gap in between posts this time.


Monday, December 13, 2010

i love my job.

some of the art we've done with the munchkins lately:

a texture board. (the class actually voted for the color purple).

leaf stamps.

picasso portraits.

and.. the whole board. [:

Saturday, December 11, 2010

i don't require a repost.

it's a message worth posting.
(and i love this color...)

when i went to wsu, there was a period when we had a lot of people beat up because of their sexual orientation.
and i just don't understand.

how does someone else's private life,
especially a stranger's decision,
affect yours at all?

i just spent 15 minutes trying to figure out whether i should have put "effect" or "affect" in that sentence..
i'm probably still wrong.)

Thursday, December 9, 2010

three new paintings. and ron burgundy.

my friend christie asked me to be in a show that she is curating.
i have been in an "art rut", if you will, and haven't really had the drive to paint anything lately.
but yesterday i painted 4.5 new paintings.
and i love three of them.

i painted the following three as my submission to her show.
they are about love, sex, and societal suggestions for the correlation between the two.
sorry to get all lame on you, there.

i like this one.

this is my least favorite, but i don't absolutely hate it.

i love this one.
it is going to my friend lynn colingham after the show.
i've been in art debt with her and owe her a painting.
she gave me an encaustic painting of a mouth..
so it's only fitting i give her a mouth painting in return.

lynn: it's very orifice-y, no? [;

.. and for kicks, i give you ron burgundy.

stay classy!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010


assignment: get mom a recent picture of us for the christmas card.

results: nonsense.

..needless to say the ones i sent to her weren't nearly as awesome or attractive..

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my adventures in: mexican desserts.

i had a work meeting today, and it was a mexican food potluck.
i couldn't bring myself to make some boring ol' cupcakes, like last time.
so i made mexican chocolate icebox cookies with dulce de leche middles.
and gool ol' fashioned churros.

(click on names of the two different forms of heaven to be linked to the recipes and directions)

i wanted to share some photos of my baking frenzy.
..maybe if you make either one, these photos can assist you in some way?
or that could just be me legitimizing why i'm taking photos while baking. [: it began..

cocoa, flour, cayenne pepper, pepper, salt, and baking soda.

i love this part:

ball of dough.

roll the dough into what resembles a turd,
then you'll wrap it in wax paper and freeze it for a while,
so that it is easier to cut into perfect little disks later.

open and admire the dulce de leche.

spread and sandwich.



i don't have a "piping bag" or a "large star tip",
so a ziplock and a cut corner had to do.

food theme for the day:
"turd-esque shaped edibles".

feel the burn.

soak up that excess oil and dunk those deep fried friends in some cin-sugar.



sugar and cinnamon. yumm.

spicy sweet chocolate and salty sweet dulce de leche. yumm.

...and we're off to feed co-workers.

i love baking.
it doesn't love me so much, though. ::jiggle jiggle::

i made some pretty cute recipe cards for the mexi-chocolate cookies.
some of my co-workers even took some. [:

and my teaching partner, noel, said it was okay if i was an honorary mexican for the day.
(life long goal of mine)

let me know if you try these recipes and if you like them or not!


Monday, December 6, 2010

who posts about their coffee table?

so i recently found this coffee table at goodwill.
..i go there a lot, can you tell? ha.
it has a glass top and my genius boyfriend said,
"you could even put stuff under it if you wanted.."


so i collaged away..

magazine pieces, pictures from espana, and other do-dads i love.

porno-show SPECTACULAR.
and the monkey's like, "alright, i'm diggin it."

this is a tad morbid.
my bad.

eat up.

get your very own "haters gonna hate" stickers here.

maps and gossip.

i seriously love bulldogs.
i wish i had the money for one and all his vet bills.

happy paintin' coke lady.

so here's the random post about my coffee table collage.
thought i'd share.