Thursday, December 30, 2010

on my sick day.

i haven't posted in awhile.
it makes me a little sad.

i am not feeling well today, and therefore have ample time to post something.

recently, i have watched my dog open a present, legitimately.
it was hilarious.

i have been etching like crazy.
these were mom and dad's gift.
each cup has one of their favorite teams etched into the glass.
cougs, 49ers, saints (that's mom's.), and the seahawks.
then adam bought beer to place inside the glasses.

brody got moonshoes.
they were bouncy.

we had a ugly xmas sweater party.
...everyone donned their gay apparel.
i was pleased.

there is a little taste of where my time has gone.

..i hope i won't have such a long gap in between posts this time.



  1. I love the gifts you made for your family! Great idea, lady. And your bro's face is classic in that last photo.

    Happy new year!

  2. thanks aaryn. [:
    happy new year to you, too! [: