Monday, December 13, 2010

i love my job.

some of the art we've done with the munchkins lately:

a texture board. (the class actually voted for the color purple).

leaf stamps.

picasso portraits.

and.. the whole board. [:


  1. Okay, you need to tell me all about your job. It looks amazing! Remember Art Discovery from elementary school (and I think 5th grade).... I have a goal of starting some youth art program, similar in style, for schools that lack art programs. Your job looks like so much fun!

  2. i want to do that to! can i be one of your instructors? thanks.
    my job is awesome.
    i'm not necessarily an art teacher, i'm just one of the after school teachers.
    i work with a guy who loves sports and stuff so it was kind of just a given that he'd do sports and i'd do art and all the other stuff we'd work together on. [:
    it's an awesome program, and it's cheaper than daycare! they are constantly active somehow, whether it's outside play, homework help, art, sports, science, guest speakers..etc.

    anyway. i love it. it would be great if you could come down and be a guest speaker for something!! [:

  3. How awesome! I would love to be a guest speaker. That would be fun. Maybe we should really get together and talk about future plans. I have this feeling that if we put our minds together, we could accomplish some great things! =]

  4. let's do it! coffee! ..because i'm addicted so bad it hurts. hurts so good.

    call me.

  5. i love you girls so much ^^ i am so happy to see you two are collaborating your creative souls! eva, your job sounds amazing and your kids seem to be the cutest ... well, second cutest to the asian babies i get to kick it with over here in seoul ;]