Sunday, December 5, 2010

i might acutally post all week this week.

my poor dog is having separation anxiety.
she destroyed my cougar hat.
apparently she's pissed they lost the apple cup.
..and then she just threw up ten minutes ago.

but that has nothing to do with my post, so..
so adam left to go hunting on wednesday and i have been a productivity machine.
i seriously think i'm awesome right now.
i'm so stinking lazy that when i do the most mundane thing, like going to the post office, i'm like, "hell yea, i rock."

.. i need to get off my ass more often ..

so i decorated for christmas. [:
i put up our two and half foot fake tree and decorated it.
and it's sitting on the tree skirt my mother in law made me..
but it's SO BIG that i had to fold it into quarters.
so it's more like a tree wedge.

i am working on my snowflake curtain in between the living room and kitchen.
i bought a cranberry and twig wreath at goodwill (score.) and hung some ornaments from it.

i found a branch out side and put it on my wall (why? i couldn't tell you) and hung some ornaments from that..

and i put a red ribbon on my wall for any fun christmas cards i get! [:

i've never had a place of my own, so i'm going all out.
i'm not even done making my decorations. [:

i'll post more of the projects later.


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  1. eva! i LOVE the decorations! you so crafty, woman. so i got the most adorable card in the mail today! i am waiting to open it when i get home because i want to take a photo of it and brag about it to my blog readers before opening it =] WHAT IS YOUR E-MAIL. mine is ... get at me through g-mail when not through blogging =] thank you for the card, it truly made my day!