Thursday, December 9, 2010

three new paintings. and ron burgundy.

my friend christie asked me to be in a show that she is curating.
i have been in an "art rut", if you will, and haven't really had the drive to paint anything lately.
but yesterday i painted 4.5 new paintings.
and i love three of them.

i painted the following three as my submission to her show.
they are about love, sex, and societal suggestions for the correlation between the two.
sorry to get all lame on you, there.

i like this one.

this is my least favorite, but i don't absolutely hate it.

i love this one.
it is going to my friend lynn colingham after the show.
i've been in art debt with her and owe her a painting.
she gave me an encaustic painting of a mouth..
so it's only fitting i give her a mouth painting in return.

lynn: it's very orifice-y, no? [;

.. and for kicks, i give you ron burgundy.

stay classy!