Monday, December 6, 2010

who posts about their coffee table?

so i recently found this coffee table at goodwill.
..i go there a lot, can you tell? ha.
it has a glass top and my genius boyfriend said,
"you could even put stuff under it if you wanted.."


so i collaged away..

magazine pieces, pictures from espana, and other do-dads i love.

porno-show SPECTACULAR.
and the monkey's like, "alright, i'm diggin it."

this is a tad morbid.
my bad.

eat up.

get your very own "haters gonna hate" stickers here.

maps and gossip.

i seriously love bulldogs.
i wish i had the money for one and all his vet bills.

happy paintin' coke lady.

so here's the random post about my coffee table collage.
thought i'd share.


1 comment:

  1. LOVELY! I had a coffee table that was similar to that and I used awesome bob marley photos and I even put a marley record under the glass! I miss that table, it lost the war to my ex. =[