Tuesday, December 7, 2010

my adventures in: mexican desserts.

i had a work meeting today, and it was a mexican food potluck.
i couldn't bring myself to make some boring ol' cupcakes, like last time.
so i made mexican chocolate icebox cookies with dulce de leche middles.
and gool ol' fashioned churros.

(click on names of the two different forms of heaven to be linked to the recipes and directions)

i wanted to share some photos of my baking frenzy.
..maybe if you make either one, these photos can assist you in some way?
or that could just be me legitimizing why i'm taking photos while baking. [:

..so it began..

cocoa, flour, cayenne pepper, pepper, salt, and baking soda.

i love this part:

ball of dough.

roll the dough into what resembles a turd,
then you'll wrap it in wax paper and freeze it for a while,
so that it is easier to cut into perfect little disks later.

open and admire the dulce de leche.

spread and sandwich.



i don't have a "piping bag" or a "large star tip",
so a ziplock and a cut corner had to do.

food theme for the day:
"turd-esque shaped edibles".

feel the burn.

soak up that excess oil and dunk those deep fried friends in some cin-sugar.



sugar and cinnamon. yumm.

spicy sweet chocolate and salty sweet dulce de leche. yumm.

...and we're off to feed co-workers.

i love baking.
it doesn't love me so much, though. ::jiggle jiggle::

i made some pretty cute recipe cards for the mexi-chocolate cookies.
some of my co-workers even took some. [:

and my teaching partner, noel, said it was okay if i was an honorary mexican for the day.
(life long goal of mine)

let me know if you try these recipes and if you like them or not!



  1. awesome! I have a spanish class fiesta on thursday... hmmm. I might have to make one or both of these recipes. Looks soooo good.

  2. Didn't try one of your cookies lady, but did sneek a little bite of one of those churros..DELICIOUS:)

  3. thanks everyone!
    i find almost all delicious recipes at foodgawker.com