Thursday, September 23, 2010

i made rainbow cupcakes!!

so we have a staff potluck tomorrow and naturally i signed up to bring dessert. duh. hey fatty. [;

my new coworkers are a pretty creative bunch so i really wanted to do something creative, but not with too much detail and work and shopping, yadda yadda. so i decided to try these lovelies. it wasn't hard. AT ALL. it is a little time consuming.. but what isn't?

i looked at this page for details, but i pretty much had the concept without it. i was concerned more with how others went about layering the batter.

again, i apologize for the pictures but i did my best. that's what counts, right?

i had a lot of fun. [: try them sometime.


ps: i also entered a giveaway today from a CUTE blog.


  1. Man, I totally wish I worked with you right now.... those cupcakes are so freaking awesome. Looks like you separated the batter into five or so bowls and colored them, then layered them in... right? Looks like fun.

  2. yes. then i got two things of vanilla frosting and separated them into sandwich baggies and added food coloring. (gel food coloring is better for color). then i sealed them, mixed them up, cut a corner and then piped on the frosting. easy peeeeasy.

  3. SO AWESOME! I need to get better at cooking... When I cook I tend to mess up the whole kitchen and every single dish in the house. Haaaa