Tuesday, September 14, 2010

boredom & blogs blogs blogs.

since i have nothing of value to talk about, and there is no news on the condo, and i don't have a camera to take pictures of my recent work with, i guess i will just share a little blog love with whoever reads this. [:

ps: DON'T GET HOME LOANS THROUGH WELLS FARGO. seriously. just take my word for it.

ok, so here are some blogs that i have stumbled upon, literally, that i enjoyed.

this lady is just fun to follow, & also has an adorable etsy shop. i followed her dress tutorial and it was easy and adorable. (and affordable! bonus city.)

blog: http://talk2thetrees.blogspot.com/
etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/talk2thetrees & http://www.etsy.com/shop/morbidmonster

little miss elyse canfield. she is the loudest, skinniest, obesesser-over-skinny-cute-girls and all-things-photography&apple. and says thing like "i luh you". all reasons why love her face. she's currently in seoul, check her out.

this is a girl..? woman..? gal.. i went to high school with. we never talked much, but her blog is a wonderful photo journal of her life, basically.

blog: http://reedreeder.com/whitney/

these have some cool stuff:
(i totally made two of those shelves...maybe i'll be able to post photos one day >:[ )

this is the handmade pledge site:

alright.. i think that's good for now. i'll post more on another lazy day.

night, ya'll. ;]


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