Wednesday, September 15, 2010

filler stuff.

so ... today was a brainstorming day. i started it off with cereal, which made me miss school a little. [:

miss elysecanfield sent me the blog
...(pleased be warned that this site has adult content, and it is never my intention to offend anyone,
different strokes for different folks
which inspired me to start thinking of possible painting ideas.

i'm in between jobs right now (obviously) and absolutely loving the down time. adam went to seattle today to pick up a car for me. i'm now the payer-offer of an '01 civic coupe. great gas mileage, so nothing to complain about. [:

today i thought about how wonderful my man is for everything he does for me
and how he makes me feel when i'm with him
and how i hope we look like this at the age of ancient. [;

(i don't know where i got the image, so if you know the source, let me know.)


  1. I effing loveee old couples. You and Adam (granted, I only met him once) will make a cute old couple. I just know it.

  2. haha thanks aaryn. and thanks for my first comment. [: that was exciting. haha.