Monday, September 6, 2010

la(zy)bor day.

i'm sitting on the couch watching cake shows and surfin' the interweb.

i'm hoping to get a camera soon so i can start being more regular with this bloggin' thing. tutorials, crafts, yummy foods, yadda yadda.. woo hoo. i'm also starting an etsy page. i'm pretty excited.

first, though, the man and i gotta move into our condo. it's been a gazillion days, and we were supposed to close on the place august 30th. we still have a couple more weeks. i want to decorate so bad. and i need a legit studio. right now i'm taking over one of my future father in law's drafting tables. at least i have a spot to go, though.

speaking of that, i think im going to go bust out some art. [:


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