Saturday, February 26, 2011



it's ridiculous how cute this kid is.

d.i.y. magazine beads


step one:
cut a triangle out of a magazine, the longer it is, the thicker your bead will be.
try starting with 3/4" at the bottom and working upwards.

step two:
wrap your triangle around a wooden skewer, DO NOT USE A CROCHET HOOK, i used that for an example because i didn't have skewers at my house.
(later the beads were stuck on just a word to the wise..)

step three:
glue the skinny part of your triangle down to the rest of the bead.

step four:
make a tonzillion. the ones above are ones i made and some of the student's beads from the after school program i instruct.
(i recommend putting on a season of something, i chose law and order svu.)

step five:
bathe those babies in shellac.

step six:
slide them off the skewers. we lost a few, but overall they came off pretty easily. some of them take a twist to slide off.

step seven:
put them on some string and you have yourself some handmade jewelry.
the picture above is one of the students necklaces. (the necklace on top).

have fun!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

to me, love SCRAP.

i bought these "to-go packs" from scrap.
i'm seriously in love with some of the stuff i found in them.
my living room is a collage jumble mess spectacular!
i'm so excited to get some stuff finished!

and a postcard from the lovely STEPH.
i was so happy when adam flung it at me after he went out to get the mail.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

portland artists.

or crafters.
or crap-hoarders.

if you don't already know about this place, check it out.

i'm going there soon to find out if they have some awesome stuff for school and personal projects.
...maybe i'll donate some of all the hoarded lovelies in my studio.
i'm not sure if i can let go, though.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

thank sweet baby jesus.

for chocolate.