Saturday, February 26, 2011

d.i.y. magazine beads


step one:
cut a triangle out of a magazine, the longer it is, the thicker your bead will be.
try starting with 3/4" at the bottom and working upwards.

step two:
wrap your triangle around a wooden skewer, DO NOT USE A CROCHET HOOK, i used that for an example because i didn't have skewers at my house.
(later the beads were stuck on just a word to the wise..)

step three:
glue the skinny part of your triangle down to the rest of the bead.

step four:
make a tonzillion. the ones above are ones i made and some of the student's beads from the after school program i instruct.
(i recommend putting on a season of something, i chose law and order svu.)

step five:
bathe those babies in shellac.

step six:
slide them off the skewers. we lost a few, but overall they came off pretty easily. some of them take a twist to slide off.

step seven:
put them on some string and you have yourself some handmade jewelry.
the picture above is one of the students necklaces. (the necklace on top).

have fun!


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  1. LOVE these!! as do i love all of the tiger things you've been reppin' lately =]]