Tuesday, November 30, 2010

turkey shmurkey.

turkey day.

start with mimosas.
& hennessy?
..sure..why not.

add a little bro with a pipe.

make sure it passes grandma inspection.

get noogies from your cousins.

start take photos of your grandmothers fantastic taste in wallpaper.

..and her wonderful light fixture choices.

make friends with the parrot that watches you pee and bathe.
hopefully not at the same time.

adore your maternal lineage of artsy women and their creations.

take photos of plants that are older than you.
hello, elder.

and finish it off at the in-laws, admiring how adorable your man is.
next to that beautiful fireplace.

Monday, November 29, 2010

holiday shopping ideas.

these are some of the shops that i like.
maybe these can help anyone who reads this stumble upon other shops that they like.

click on the shop names to jump to their pages.


they have some pretty sweet vintage clothing and things.
check it.


organic makeup.
i haven't purchased anything from them, but i want to give them a try.


here are some more vintage clothing options.

this lady makes very darling pouches and other small things that are SEW CUTE.


vintage and handmade products.
and she's from winnipeg.
and i also like her blog.
she has some sweet DIYs.


orange thyme makes lip balms, shines, and soaps.
and a bonus: she's from spokane.


i love her hats.
love. especially this one.


if i could afford her bags, i would buy one.
i love them.
and they seem like they are made with quality and love.


she is part pixie and part hat/art/jewelry making madwoman.
she has two other shops, as well.
they are listed in the shop information section.
and she has a lovely blog.


i love her bullet-gemstone infusions.
and she makes jewelry with porcupine quills!
how exciting. [:
and look at her blog.


i recently just bought stickers from them. and I LOVE THEM.
i really want a shirt.. but they are in their last edition prints.

hope this helps with some holiday shopping.
try buying handmade/local/organic/eco-friendly/small business this year.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

awesome sweater and a studio. oh and spicy santa.

ok so.
i cleaned my studio.
got it as organized as a could.
and i'm posting pictures of it because i am in love with my new clean space.

and i'm not a "what i wore" kind of a person,
but this little treasure was just too much to keep all to myself.
i had to share.
i love goodwill.

so these photos are mostly little details..
because that what makes me love being in my studio.
i am surrounded by thing i love to look at.

this is my main art-makin' station.
the drafting table is from my future father in law.
he purchased it from some surplus sale, i'm sure.
and i am broke as a joke so i have milk crate shelving.
but i kind of love them.

mid-air collages.
a lot of my collage material was generously left to me by a dear friend, mary rothlisberger.
she's fantastic.

i love these little old men.
they used to be in the entrance of my studio at school.
and the postcard is from my from chris gillett's bfa show.
the sticky note is informing me that sanitation is his number one priority.
some stuff i have magnetized to my paper organizer thingy.
including louise krampien's biz card.

all things tape-y.

this is picture that my oldest little brother drew of me playing soccer. [:
i love it.

there once was a girl.
and she had a little curl.

an old artforum.

pictures i love or that i have made..

if i had a hero, she'd be it.

a corner.

draw something.

hangin' out.

besos, guapa.
this card is for my friend lynn colingham.
[ look at her webpage..it's fantastic..and she painted me. ]
it's highly doubtful she will ever actually get it.


the whole shebang.
there it is.
all finished. [:


and i really wanted to share my spicy santa. [:
he would like to give you spices!

today's post was fun.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


tomorrow i am posting pictures of my CLEAN AND ORGANIZED STUDIO.
i'm seriously so proud of myself for finishing this seemingly endless task.

and! i even had time to work on some projects and catch up on one tree hill and gossip girl.
don't judge me.
i have bad taste in shows and i know it.

one of the prompts is: a picture of something i ate today.
since i don't want to upload any pictures right now..
here's a google-tastic photo.

everybody go visit my friend elyse.
she's in south korea and a little nervous..
which is probably the understatement of the century.

i wonder who i think i'm talking to when i say "everybody".


Sunday, November 21, 2010

random photos and this weekend.

since i'm not a huge fan of prompt five
(who is your favorite super hero and why?)

i'll just share some photos i've taken recently.

ps: i probably would have to go with the entire "incredibles" family.
namely elastagirl.

001. stop.

002. moon under a street light.

003. lombard.

004. bouncing city lights.

005. hooters in motion.

006. playing with the moon.

007. playing with the moon. some more.

008. crates.

009. adam and janey watching a documentary on dogs.

010. janey balancing a kong on her head.

011. dumbo ears jumping on her bed.

012. the cutest thing ever.

013. stop world hunger, says hayden.

014. cute face.

015. lili loves barney.

016. janey has never seen a bubble before.

017. janey watches t.v.

018. sniff.

i had a productive day today.
the mom in law and i went to an estate sale that turned out to be full of goodies.
i got sketch paper,
watercolor paper,
a milk crate,
a box of white cardstock,
an adorable old giant spoon (which i will be using as a decoration in the kitchen),
a vacuum! (we haven't vacuumed the condo once! today was the first time!!),
some cute wood blocks for necklace makin',
and a bunch of other things.

i hope everyone had a productive and wonderful weekend!