Monday, November 1, 2010


i've been trying to do at least a little drawing.

but taking pictures of my art supplies seems to be more appealing.

we got new bakeware from mama k.

and a new bodum french press from costco.

we spent the weekend with my family and it was wonderful.
we took janers with us.

we wrestled.

and posed for the camera.

i had a photoshoot with my mom's dog bailey.

and saw my favorite little redheaded munchkin.
she can fist bump now.
she's literally the coolest baby ever.

janey and adam are both getting annoyed with my relentless picture taking.
can you tell?

and finally, the end of an era.
my biggest little brother had his last high school football game last friday.
it was bittersweet.
but i couldn't be more proud of him, that is for certain.

more picture heavy postings soon... i'm sure! [:

xo. esj.

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