Wednesday, November 3, 2010

i'm a little late in posting this.

so halloween was awesome and adam and i bought too much candy.

i was a cowgirl.

janey was my horsey.

we live in a condo complex so i tried to be inviting.
i wanted the kiddies to know they were welcome to knock on our door.

in case you were wondering, this is what eleven pounds of candy looks like.
and we always pass out glowsticks.
safety + fun = win win for everyone!

hope everyone else had a fantastic halloween!
can't wait for next year. [:


  1. I've never dressed up for Halloween but I love watching all the costumes. Your costume is adorable :)

  2. Cute costume, Eva. And I like your glow stick idea! I may steal that one for next year. =]

  3. definitely do! they sell a pack of them at michael's for $1 !!! the best. and i'm sure kaegan will love them, of course.
    BY THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!! cutest and non-creepy gnome i've ever seen! for reals.