Friday, November 19, 2010

prompt four. lil mini me.

prompt four:
a photo of you as a child and 7 facts about your childhood.

psh, one photo, i gots three.

berry-pickin' adventurer.
(please note my bright pink salt water sandals. favorites.)

cabbage patch lovin'.
i remember when i found a "tattoo" on my dolls butt.

apparently i was pissed and wanted my training wheels back.
i kind of feel like that today. metaphorically, of course.

on to seven whole facts.

uno: i distinctly remember the first time i heard red hot chili peppers' under the bridge.
i was in my room in the condo we lived in, "cleaning", and i remember thinking, i really like this song.
i'm glad my parents liked good music.
i am still thankful for that.

dos: i remember wearing my 49ers t-shirt and some 80's paisley patterned shorts at my parent's wedding.

tres: i was the only kid around until keegan was born.

cuatro: it was during a wiffle ball tournament at my parent's friend's house that my dad told me i had to put a shirt on because i was girl. i told him that wasn't fair because all the boys had their shirts off.

cinco: my little brother tore up a paper butterfly i made at school and it made me cry. he didn't care and mom and dad made him apologize. i think it was then i decided he really was a little shit. but i still love him more than anything.

seis: i used to have slumber parties with grandma and grandpa and i would kick them really hard when i was sleeping. sorry guys.

siete: this really is a fact and less of a memory, i has a truly blessed childhood.

that's all for prompt four.
it was fun though. [:

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