Monday, November 15, 2010

can't get enough of knp.

remember korie nicole?

well we did a photoshoot and these are some of the results.
it was so much fun!

visit her facebook page here.



  1. Okay, I seriously am in love with these photos.... so amazing! You are stunning! Korie has some awesome talent. And I just have to tell you.... the photo third from last... with you looking down and your hand on your cheek... you remind me of a mixture of Korie and Sarah Prewitt (hanns now, right?). Just had to say that... it has been bugging me (not in a bad way, just a I needed to get it out kind of way). ha.

  2. haha. thanks aaryn. i love them too. partly because korie is wonderful and partly because i'm such a narcissist. [;

    crazy random observation there about me being a korie/sarah hybrid.