Sunday, November 21, 2010

random photos and this weekend.

since i'm not a huge fan of prompt five
(who is your favorite super hero and why?)

i'll just share some photos i've taken recently.

ps: i probably would have to go with the entire "incredibles" family.
namely elastagirl.

001. stop.

002. moon under a street light.

003. lombard.

004. bouncing city lights.

005. hooters in motion.

006. playing with the moon.

007. playing with the moon. some more.

008. crates.

009. adam and janey watching a documentary on dogs.

010. janey balancing a kong on her head.

011. dumbo ears jumping on her bed.

012. the cutest thing ever.

013. stop world hunger, says hayden.

014. cute face.

015. lili loves barney.

016. janey has never seen a bubble before.

017. janey watches t.v.

018. sniff.

i had a productive day today.
the mom in law and i went to an estate sale that turned out to be full of goodies.
i got sketch paper,
watercolor paper,
a milk crate,
a box of white cardstock,
an adorable old giant spoon (which i will be using as a decoration in the kitchen),
a vacuum! (we haven't vacuumed the condo once! today was the first time!!),
some cute wood blocks for necklace makin',
and a bunch of other things.

i hope everyone had a productive and wonderful weekend!


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