Sunday, October 17, 2010

house guests.

so we had lovely guests last night.
jason and lacey williams and their three little midgets.

here's a photo of the midg's when adam and i babysat.

we had a grand ol' time, but soon realized that our condo isn't especially child-friendly.
i offered a finger painting station, and jason put the kibosh on that idea quickly.
he was looking out for our cream-colored carpet's best interest.

we made amazing jello shots.
(no photos-sorry. but they turned out great!)
and grilled pesto pizzas.
along with my trusty spinach dip.
(too much cream cheese on purpose this time!)

and the boys found the macbook cam.


cheers to great weekends!



  1. Okay, if i liked jello, I would so make those jello shots. Amazing. Maybe I will make them for Kaegan. =]

    And I like the paint station idea. Boo to Adam for ruining that fun. Who cares about cream carpet anyway? ;)

  2. jason, their dad said no.
    adam doesn't care. haha.
    kaegan would probably love them.

  3. Oh you are right. I totally made that up. Haha. Boo to Jason then. Apologize to Adam for me... haha.