Wednesday, October 20, 2010

it's my BIRTHDAY!

i know this may not be exciting for anyone else,
but it is pretty much a national holiday in evaland.
anyway, i've gotten cash from the
man, his parentals, and mine.
this cash is for one of these beauties:

i'm seriously so excited.

but i have to wait because EVERY SINGLE
costco in the surrounding area is sold out.
new shipment in 5 days.



  1. asd;flkjasdflkjasd;fkj FREAKING AWESOME! Jealous! That is one nice camera. A while back, my dad said something about how much money I spend/waste on developing film and told me he was going to buy me a nikon d60 or something along the lines.... to save money in the long run. And all I got for my bday was a 20 dollar gift card to itunes.... so I am hoping my dads plan is getting me one for christmas... cross my fingers.

    Man, you are going to have fun with that!

    Happy birthday. =]

  2. yayayayay!!! i can be excited with you too!!!

    thanks for visiting my blog! i hope that you come back and follow!

  3. i hope you get a camera aaryn!
    paislea-i have been following you for awhile. [: